Feedback and General Inquiries, Recommendations

Project’s future as decided by community. Discussions in this topic are related to the external processes that are outside of the protocol and its technology. The subjects discussed here can range from marketing and business development ideas to user experience and petpeeves when using services provided by HAPI team.

Generally accepted objects of discussion and proposal:

  • Project Development ideas outside of the technical implementations and integrations

  • Feedback on the experience with the HAPI as a product and ideas/proposals on how to improve it

  • Initiatives that may impact the project in the positive way

How to structure a proposal or start discussion?

First thing to note is that each discussion should start with the valid critique that references relevant sources and can be backed up by proper pieces of evidence.

Secondly, post should contain a fairly and succintly described solution (or your personal vision of how to solve the issue at hand) or feedback that may help us improve on the described issue.

Thirdly, discussions must not devolve into long-winded dialog or arguments and the affirmation or disagreement with the proposal ought to be indicated by the built-in rating system.


hello, I just joined the system, a new activity area, I hope very good ideas will come up. my suggestion is to break the long-term pressure of selling hapi by contacting many venture capital companies in order to break the sales pressure due to the low price of the hapi and the low supply. I think that 3-4 mid-level companies can buy hapi tokens at these prices in the market.


Hey guys,
as i really appreciated Jumbos voice AMA and also the youtube video with the hapi core team. In the last weeks is hard to follow keynotes in the tg, even the twitter site could need a life sign.

How about a weekly keynote sheet in twitter format with a few points what happened within the week just as some kind of official feedback and communication. Even a monthly “Jumbo asks hapi” Vlog with 3-5 min duration, where he could ask at what points is worked atm could be some simple and cool exposure, plus very informative for holders.

keep up the good work,


I agree about regularly posting updates/progress. Personally I would like to see more activity on Twitter. Until now, most of the updates and news are mainly happening on TG first. More Twitter posts, surveys, maybe small giveaways, videos etc. would put a lot more eyes on us.

Also, there has to be a weekly update from the team - at least for communication purposes, even if there isn’t much news to share, it creates trust and comfort for invested users. Maybe every Friday a short AMA, voice chat or a quick video - doesn’t matter but we should try to keep people engaged.


Noted. Will improve in this regard


thank you sir! I need more words to send the message…


hey jumbo how is the state of this suggestion. I really enjoy, andrei joining us quite a lot atm but i think atm a lot of stuff is happening behind the scenes, weekly keynotes pinned in TG and Discord, would help to keep up with progress.


I think it would be best if we can also start a new topic and propose this as well, IMO, there are a few things the team can do with this portal to make it cleaner. We just have to be able to start a new topic first haha


Now we are working on a functionality that will allow adding “tips” when creating new cases for investigations in order to increase the priority of address processing and adding to the protocol. Of course it will use the token HAPI


The token will also be used to vote for address amnesty in the protocol.
If there is information for this vote.

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