[DAO Discussion] Improving User Experience to HAPI Governance Portal

I propose a better way to organize/categorize the HAPI Governance Forum/Portal for a better user experience as it doesn’t really help if some have ideas they may want to share, but no proper chain of actions the governance portal could work.

I can see the governance portal providing a better user experience by breaking up the categories in the following sections:

  1. A General Discussions (Initial Discussion where conversations begin pertaining to the changes for HAPI Protocol, more to put out Feelers or to Gauge interest ).
  2. Request for Comments (A more formal discussion around the potential proposal from general Discussion Proposal).
  3. HAPI Improvement Proposal [HIP] (Final Stage of discussion and voting before being implemented by the team).
  4. Support (For General Forum support).

An example from Invictus forum shown below.

Each of these Categories will have its own sub-categories where the discussion is held.

Would appreciate any other feedback to allow the team to improve and create a better user experience here.


Appreciate your active input alot mate.

I agree with the changes. Lets get it going. I do have some topics I would like to open a topic about to discuss and potentially propose to be voted on.


Sounds good !

I think this would be something great to implement.


Thanks @Ayoub. That would be awesome, I’m sure @Jumbo will be glad to see more activity here as well, we just need to improve the UI/UX here to have the experience more streamline.


sounds good. keep it up. you rock


Sounds great. Will look into how to better categorize all of the stuff. The interface is noticeably clunky


Thanks for the feedback, if you have any recommendations as well that you’d like to add, be sure to share it :slight_smile:

Thank you for that Jumbo, looking forward to seeing further improvements to help with discussions on improving HAPI governance :slight_smile: