Proposal Type 6 [PROBE]: Next Deployment of the HAPI Protocol Smart Contract

Short Description

Proposal comprises of the community’s decision on the integration of the HAPI Protocol on the new Blockchain. This, evidently, excludes those already implemented such as Solana and Ethereum.


This proposal is not indicative of the immediate change. Rather it’s a way for the community to showcase and display general sentiment in regards to the proposed change. This MAY impact the decision but is not a mandate as is.

You can vote HERE: Snapshot

List of Voting Options:

  • NEAR

  • Elrond

  • Velas

Explanation of the Proposal Type:

Type 6: Roadmap changes and adjustments. Protocol implementations

These proposals mostly are used to indicate community’s general interest in HAPI being integrated on the not yet announced or implemented blockchains. This type of proposal can also be used to signify the community’s initiative and willingness to adjust the announced Roadmap.
The proposals of this type are exclusively used as an indication of the overall community’s sentiment.


  1. PROBE - low threshold voting to detect general interest in a proposal

do those snapshot transacton require gas fees? if yes it should be migrated to Solana.