Token utility in making people hold big bags long term

Since HAPI is a low max supply project it is obvious from day one that not that much staking possibilities are present. Even more so when u look a bit more long term. New entrant when we reache a market cap of 100mil or 300mil will become bullish about alost all aspects of HAPI, even more so considering low cap still…but no staking (HAPI for HAPI) possibilities could at first instance make some of them decide to not invest that much that they would have considered if something like that was present and earn good passive income.
I was therefore very hapi to see that soon we can basically stake our HAPI’s to earn CHICA tokens. This does add that much needed extra utility. It does matter in that case if you hodl your bag of for example 500 hapis instead of 300. or 800 instead of 500, etc etc.
Very much needed utility. Very well played by the team to add that. This extra utility makes it much more interesting for people to hold long term. Its also something that should be explicitly mentioned when presenting information about the project. That extra utility is important in a space where many other also good projects have staking possibilities at the very least.

Nevertheless I think the utility could still be absolutely NEXT LEVEL and combined with the rock solid project that HAPI is, low max supply and highly needed use case…this next level utility could really lead to even more hodlers and therefore have a positive effect on “stable” prices. Even more so when HAPI gained more interest and a higher MC. Because the circ supply (and max supply) is insanely low, so the stronger utility there is to make you hodl this token the more effect it has on a very low max supply project.
So what utility am I talking about? Its been mentioned in the whale chat but I’ll do it again; farming other (bocachica ido launched) tokens with your HAPIs. Or maybe worth considering; farming BOTH HAPI + certain amount of CHICA = being rewarded in project X that was launched at bocachica

If u see the effect the staking possibilities had when they were offered around late May/June on price and to avoid it going absolutely down the drain or back to presale price…thats because of staking imo. Most of the whales back then staked a big portion. Bullish as we were. Price action went bad but many couldnt even sell cuz staking had just begun. Perfect for the project and us as well. Same effect farming utility would have - more or less - if added at some point to HAPI token.

Proposal: look into future farming possibilities. Maybe even more interesting if u make it HAPi-CHICA farming. And then u get rewarded a token launched at bocachica. If u leave the pool early on u pay a small “penalty %” back to remaining pool/farmers. Incentivizing it to be a tool for longer term farming.