Clarification needed for terminology to establish minimum requirements for classification

Proposal to clarify [malicious] in the context of activities and actors within HAPI protocol. Proposal to clarify [proof] in same context.


Clarification may be given without enacting proposal. We did touch on what can be considered malicious in our github GitBook

But if a more detailed look into that particular aspect is needed - it won’t be an issue to elucidate it.


Understood. The idea that I would like to promote is that to use such a word as [malicious] is to presuppose guilt before a “discovery” phase has taken place. It would be more difficult to defend your position starting with the premise of guilt and working backwards. By laying out the framework for discovery the term [malicious] will define itself. The procedure should be clearly defined even if discovery and labeling appears to happen nearly simultaneously by the HAPI protocol.

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